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Using codeship to deploy to

In this post, I will show you how to build a CI/CD pipeline with codeship and As an example app, I will use hackathon-starter which is a great boilerplate to start new projects. hackathon-starter comes with a MVC project structure, bootstrap 3, CSRF protection and more. If you want to use your own app, skip the hackathon part and …

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Transform a docker-compose.yml file to sloppyio.json

UPDATE: You can now deploy from docker-compose.yml using our CLI and the sloppy start command. For details and caveats head to our Knowledge Base. When you use our API or you want to import your project into the Web UI, you still need the JSON format. In this blog post I want to show you …

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How to deploy a crate cluster with

This is a short video how to deploy a crate cluster with sloppy. The ethwe interface is set because we use weave as an overlay network for our platform. { “project”: “crate”, “services”: [ { “id”: “backend”, “apps”: [ { “id”: “nodes”, “domain”: { “uri”: “”, “type”: “HTTP” }, “instances”: 3, “mem”: 512, “cmd”: “crate”, “image”: …

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