– a reliable Docker Cloud alternative

With Docker Cloud announcing that their app, node, and cluster management will cease on the 21st of May, thousands of developers and DevOps specialists are forced to migrate to a new service. is happy to provide a fully managed and reliable alternative.

Reliability is a necessity

Barely 60 days are between Docker’s announcement and their cloud service’s closure, giving you, if you’re affected by it, little time to look for alternatives and compare their advantages – let alone test and set up your project in a new environment. Of course, there’s a reason for that. By putting pressure on you, Docker wants you to go for the option they provide themselves. But would you want to invest all that hard work again in a service that just shut down on you out of the blue?

This is what providers of SaaS platforms should keep in mind: Reliability is not a commodity, it’s a necessity. Once you set up the architecture of your project, it must run steadily in an environment that’s giving you the tools to maintain it easily and monitor it thoroughly. At we don’t treat reliability as a feature, we treat it as the foundation of our service.

A long-term alternative

Building on this foundation, we offer you a platform that revolves around your project. Coming from Docker Cloud, you’re likely to have an image of your project uploaded to Docker Hub or another private or public registry. With the UI, you can select this image, assign resources, set parameters, and click deploy. There is your app, ready for testing, complete with an SSL protected * address. If you enjoy working from a terminal, you can do all that with our CLI.

When testing is done, route your domain to and automatically receive a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Boost maintenance with rolling deploys and webhooks. If you made a mistake in your config, you can easily rollback. If your software needs a critical update, you can create a snapshot before doing so. Monitoring on means full control, setting health checks, aggregating logs, and always being able to open a console of your app if everything else fell short. is ever evolving, as our staff keeps expanding our service. The person you talk to on our support chat about that cool new feature is also likely to collaborate on it. So feel free to add your own opinion, as we always listen to what our customers think about our product. After all, we’re also developers.

Sign up and test for free

If this got you hooked, you can sign up and test your apps in a free 14-day trial. We trust in you and our service – therefore, we don’t need your credit card credentials beforehand. During that period, you can upgrade to one of our plans anytime. We’re keeping our plans flexible, so up- and downgrading is not a complicated matter and you can always adjust to the needs of your project. If you need to only add some memory or volume, you can do so without changing plan.

That said, we warmly welcome everyone who wants to make the new home for their projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff through the chat function at the bottom right of your screen for any questions that come to your mind. See you soon on!