Connect your Docker repo, then configure, deploy and scale your apps with just a few clicks. Quickly check upon extensive stats and logs; or get a visual overview of container dependencies and attached storage volumes. There’s a lot to like about our Docker Hosting Cloud sloppy.io!

Web Administration

Set up and manage your apps’ instances through our intuitive web console. Check statistics data to see how your application is doing or update your account, all in a matter of seconds.

CLI Tool

Our sloppy.io CLI tool was designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Just run “sloppy start” and your application will be on its way. Scaling instances in the terminal works as well.


We also provide an HTTP-based RESTful API that allows you to hook other webs services with our Docker Hosting Cloud. Check out our API documentation.

Hosting included

sloppy.io provides an all-in-one solution for building, hosting, managing, and scaling small and large Docker projects. Just pick one of our hosting plans, and have your containerized apps up and running in minutes.

Persistent Storage

Attach persistent disk storage to your containers. Just configure which directory should be persistent: Done!

Private Repos

You can easily connect your sloppy.io account to your password protected images at Docker Hub or Quay.io, using either the CLI or the web admin panel.

Custom Domains

All projects start with their own subdomain on *.sloppy.zone. Of course, you can provide us with a custom domain name that you would like to point to your project. Check out our Help Center for more information.

Custom SSL / Letsencrypt (Beta)

SSL is a requirement for any serious application. We support custom SSL certificates. Each project also receives a *.sloppy.zone subdomain for instant SSL protection by default. For custom domains you can use free letsencrypt certificates.

Real-time Monitoring

Every request that comes is tracked and stored. Statistics are updated real-time to give you an unparalleled level of insight into the activity and performance of your application.

CI/CD Workflows

Build and deploy containers automatically when you push new code. sloppy.io can be easily integrated with continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) tools like Jenkins, CodeShip, or wercker.

Version Rollbacks

Something broke with that last update of your application? No worries. Simply select one of the previous versions you want to revert your app to; and lean back.

Rolling Deployments

sloppy.io always performs a rolling deployment to apply changes to your Docker applications to prevent down time: First, the new version of the app is launched. Once it’s running, we’ll delete the old.


Dependencies help you to make sure that your applications (containers) are started in the expected order. Easily control the start/stop and upgrade order of Docker containers in your project.

Health Checks

So, your container is up and running, but is the application inside really working the way it is supposed to? Quickly define automated health checks to make sure.

But Wait! There's More ...

We’ll have a lot more good stuff coming, to make hosting and managing your containerized applications with sloppy.io even better.


A reliable and secure cloud infrastructure for Docker containers. Built and operated in Germany.

Apache Mesos Logo

Maximum flexibility, minimum overhead; Docker is the next evolutionary step in cloud technology. That’s why we use containers as the backbone of our sloppy.io infrastructure.

Scaling like the big ones. This state-of-the-art software stack allows us to dynamically scale all of our sloppy.io computing resources lightning-fast and with maximum efficiency.

Hosted in Germany

The security and availability of your apps and data is our top priority. We are running our Container as a Service platform off certified data centers that are located in Germany to ensure reliability and peace of mind for our users.