Why us?


Docker Cloud is great. The monthly costs appear to be very low.
However, your working time is not included in the model. You have to setup and maintain everything yourself.

sloppy.io is an easy to use and fully managed hosting platform. It’s made for freelancers, startups or digital agencies.

why us table

Think outside the box

Putting several websites on a single server is not a good idea. sloppy.io is the better solution: serverless, service-oriented and isolated.

Time is money

Keep in mind that there are a lot of hidden costs for a VPS: You do not only need to be a Linux admin, you also have to inform yourself regularly about security updates and keep everything up to date. Let’s not forget regular maintenance and audits.

Reinventing the wheel

If you have a passion for technology, sysop/devop tasks can be fun. If not, do not waste your time on it. We have already built a solid hosting infrastructure for you so that you can save your time for more important tasks.