About us


sloppy.io is an integrated all-in-one solution for container based
development, deployment and hosting – made in Germany.

The managed container as a service platform (CaaS) provides cloud infrastructure and workflow tools, to develop and run fast and cost-efficient micro services and container applications. Developers can access the platform either by web administration, CLI tool or API.

Founded in 2015, today 8 employees work for the Cologne-based company. In addition, startups as elastic.io, large businesses like Deutsche Telekom and a known Cologne publishing house rank among our pilot customers.


The core team of sloppy.io combines marketing, Docker and DevOps expertise.

Mike Michel
cto, co-founder

docker expert and DevOps specialist with several years of experience in setup and operating distributed Linux/Unix Systems „on-premise“ and in the cloud. He was recently active as a technical lead and Director of Operations in the international project environment.

Jörn Zaefferer
head of development

Web developer, consultant and trainer, who has been leading development teams over many years, both for clients and in the open source community. 5 years on the board of directors of the jQuery Foundation. Maintains several popular open source projects. Regular conference speaker.

Sara Picciotto
head of digital

Online producer, who is studying media science and media informatics. In charge of the homepage, marketing tasks and graphic design. Several years of experience in customer service and account management.