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Docker Hosting

fast, simple and secure

Don’t waste your time with complex docker hosting.
Start your Docker containers on in seconds.

Docker Container

Containers have taken over the software world by storm — and for good reason. They’ve proven vital for DevOps and deployment, and have a multitude of uses for developers.

In comparison to Virtual Machines, containers need few resources, deploy fast, and scale easily.

Docker is the ideal tool for agile projects, products and companies.

Managed Docker Hosting

Kubernetes is complex. With you don’t have to worry about overlay networks, storage providers and ingress controllers. We manage the infrastructure for hosting your Docker containers, securely connecting them to your users and reliably storing your data.

You can deploy and monitor your projects through our web-based UI, command line tools (CLI), and API.

Our support chat connects you exclusively to software engineering and operations experts, ready to help.

Hosted in Europe is based in Europe, and our datacenter is in Frankfurt, Germany.

Therefore, European law guarantees strict privacy for data stored on our servers.

These run containers on high available hardware, connected to the worlds largest internet backbone, ideal for Docker Hosting.

Features is designed to provide an all-in-one service that guides you in building your project, by offering powerful and reliable features from composition to deployment, maintenance, and monitoring.

Web UI

Set up and manage your projects directly in your browser.

CLI Tools

Describe your project in JSON or YAML and deploy from your terminal.


Deploy from your continuous integration server using CLI or API.


Share projects to collaborate with your coworkers.

Image Library

Choose from thousands of public Docker images on Docker Hub.

Private Registries

Deploy your own code from any private Docker repository.

Load Balancer

Scale containers horizontally in seconds, customize access.


Go live with your own domain, secured by free Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Rolling Deploys

Update your stateless containers with zero downtime.


Configuration changes are saved automatically, revert anytime.

Persistent Volumes

Optimized for performance and availability, with snapshots.


Explore the content of your volumes. Up-, download, and edit files.


Check CPU, memory, and network load in near real time.


Stream logs in UI and CLI, or to an external log aggregation service.

Health Checks

Automated via HTTP or TCP, restart unresponsive containers.


Get a bash session directly to your running container.


Get Started now with our 14-Day Trial period

We offer you a free 14-Day Trial of our Basic Plan. This trial period is free-of-charge, we’ll only ask you for a payment method. Put through its paces, learn how to set up and maintain your Docker containers, and upgrade anytime.

Flexible Plans

Our pricing plans reflect the possibilities of projects that you could realize. Larger plans offer more features and maximum capacity. Additional resources can be booked to the base resources of every plan. Here are some examples:


A chat bot for Slack or a WordPress blog, instantly deployed with one click in our Web UI, runs on the Basic Plan.


An e-commerce shop, deployed from a private registry, runs on the Professional Plan with an additional 16 GB of storage.


A neural network with a big model that needs a lot of memory runs on the Professional Plan and 5 GB additional memory.


An agency managing websites for their customers, working in teams, and using multiple private registries, runs on the Business Plan, booking additional resources as needed.


Direct Communication

We offer direct communication and a single level of support: Connecting you exclusively to our experts that answer your question satisfyingly. You can always use the chat button at the bottom right corner to directly access these experts.

Feedback and learnings gathered through user interaction is integrated into our knowledge base or even factored into new features. You can follow us at @sloppyIO on Twitter and read our blog for updates, examples, and news.

  • Lennert den Teuling

    Lennert den Teuling

    Business Development


  • Remy Adriaanse

    Remy Adriaanse

    Operations Specialist


  • Tim Makken

    Tim Makken

    Software Engineer

    Head of Development

  • Jesse Kramer

    Jesse Kramer

    Senior UX Designer


Demo Chats

Lennert den Teuling

Lennert den Teuling

customer support for you

I want to migrate WordPress from my existing hoster to How do I import the database?
Lennert den Teuling
Assuming you have the database dump in a zip file, you could use our filebrowser to upload the file, then use the console to unzip and import it. Keep in mind that the WordPress frontend usually also writes files, like image uploads. If that’s the case, you have to import those as well.
Lennert den Teuling
We’re currently using AWS S3 for image uploads, so that’s not an issue.
Lennert den Teuling
In case you want to migrate that as well, maybe Minio will be an option for you? See
Lennert den Teuling
I’ll check it out, thanks.
Lennert den Teuling
Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!
Lennert den Teuling
Jesse Kramer

Jesse Kramer

customer support for you

I’m experimenting with a neural network in a container. Currently the model is rather small and works with 1 GB memory. Can I upgrade when the model gets bigger?
Jesse Kramer
You can up- and downgrade our plans and addons anytime. Upgrades are available immediately, downgrades are applied as credits to your next invoice.
Jesse Kramer
So when I need two more GB of memory, I pay 10€ (plus VAT) more, and some of that for the current month?
Jesse Kramer
Yep, exactly. And the same applies for other plans and storage.
Jesse Kramer
Nice. What payment methods to you support?
Jesse Kramer
You can pay with credit card and PayPal
Jesse Kramer
Gotcha, thanks
Jesse Kramer
Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!
Jesse Kramer
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