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Free SSL certificate on

With its latest update, Google Chrome 68 warns users about websites which are not protected by an SSL certificate. When hosting your website on you receive a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free! Google’s SSL policy Chrome version 68 marks just another step in Google’s long-term approach of promoting SSL protection and demoting non-encrypted …

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New Teams Feature introduces its new teams feature. Share your projects and collaborate on them with coworkers. The importance of teamwork Where would the web be without the work of teams? While the big companies usually put one face in front, it has always been the collaboration of minds that moves the boundaries and pushes us forward. …

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In today’s web-development, time is the essence. And the smallest amount of time at the end of the whole development process can be the most crucial: The time it takes for the user to receive the content. Enter, the service of our sister company, that boosts your frontend and lessens the time you spent …

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Databases on Docker: a guide

Regardless of what you might have read or heard about databases on Docker: It’s a thing, and a major one at that. According to Datadog, the second most popular Docker image is Redis, the third most popular image is Elasticsearch, followed by Postgres, and MySQL on places five and six – and finally there’s MongoDB …

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